Dispatcher distress leads to PTSD in Hillsborough Fire Rescue

Working at the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Emergency Dispatch Center is such a pressure cooker, one former employee says she developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
In June, Heather Bobo resigned from her dispatcher job after 4 and a half years.
She points out dispatchers are sometimes on the phone with people who have called for help and die before crews arrive.  Or they might be on the line with a frantic mother trying to do CPR on a child she just pulled from the water.
According to the firefighters union, HCFR has done little to provide assistance to firefighters, paramedics or dispatchers dealing with PTSD.
Ms. Bobo claims the dispatch center is not properly staffed, which means dispatchers must take 9-1-1 calls, send crews to emergencies and monitor radio traffic all at the same time.
She contends, if they miss something, they are written up.
So how many dispatchers did HCFR reprimand during the last year?  
If you want that answer, be prepared to fork over some big bucks.
We'll explain why tonight at 6.  

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