Burn pits continue to pose health problems for U.S. troops

TAMPA,FLA(WFLA) - A local Navy veteran is facing another battle after she says she was made ill by the use of burn pits.

Thousands of veterans reported being sickened by burn pits, an area on military sites used to get rid of waste, including toxic chemicals. 

Lauren Price, a Navy veteran from Cedar Key recalls not being able to breathe while serving in Iraq.

"I'm sure you've seen video of what China's smog is like, it is like that everyday and it's all over the entire country," Lauren said.

Lauren tells us she returned home with a cough and was diagnosed with constrictive bronchiolitis, "a terminal and essentially untreatable medical condition," she explained.

Now, she and her advocacy group, Veteran Warriors are picking a fight to ban burn pits.

Photos of a burn pit provided to us by another service member in Iraq shows how they continue to burn this summer.

"The military actually has a policy that says you will only do this for a very short period of time it's very specific," said Lauren. 

If there are more than 100 people stationed at a base for more than 90 days, Central Command, which is headquartered at MacDill A.F.B., requires bases to develop waste disposal technology plans, like incinerators and have them up and running within a year.

"They have openly defied those regulations that have been in place since 2011," Lauren claims.

Lauren is invited to a meeting next week and said she plans to unload about health hazards burn pits pose to troops.

"What they're going to get is a big nasty bowl of the truth, of here are the facts, here are policies, here's the laws that are in place and these are the people who are dead and dying, so tell us again how they're not doing it," she said.

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