No one driving Florida toll roads has received a Toll-By-Plate bill since June.

For seven months, the bills were missing in action.

The entire Toll-By-Plate billing system was spinning its wheels.

It was all tied to a June Florida Department of Transportation SunPass upgrade that fell flat on its face and cost you $287 million.

This week, bills are finally hitting the mail.

“There’s a lot being done behind the scenes,” Jay Trumbull, Florida Transportation Commission chairman, said.

The commission is now interviewing candidates to become the next FDOT secretary.

“I think the new administration will have a fresh look at it and probably be able to tackle it a little differently and maybe better,” Trumbull added.

Why the delays getting the bills out?

Trumbull expects that in Februar,y the Florida Transportation Commission will discuss Conduent, the upgrade and FDOT.   

The first order of business is figuring out who will run FDOT 

You can go on line at to check your bill. The date and time of the tolls you’re being billed for will be listed going back 36 months. 

The transactions will also be listed on your Toll-By-Plate invoice you receive in the mail.

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