(WFLA) — We’ve all had those mornings where there is barely enough time to get ready, let alone pack a lunch.

But, that leaves us running by the drive through to grab a quick lunch during the work day.

Registered dietitian Abigail Dougherty says there are definitely healthier ways to eat fast food.

Dougherty advises to read the menu carefully and ask questions before ordering.

“Sometimes menus don’t describe the item in detail, so ask questions like is that grilled chicken on the sandwich, does the dressing come on the side and does that sandwich come with mayo or other sauces on it?” Dougherty says.

These questions can end up saving you a lot of saturated fat, calories and sodium in the end.

Dougherty also says that just because it’s a salad does not necessarily mean it’s healthy.

“There are many salads on fast food menus that pack in over 700 calories and over half of your daily recommended sodium amount of 2,300mg,” Dougherty says.

Dougherty recommends choosing salads with grilled chicken and toppings like fruit, nuts and avocado that pack in some good nutrition and opt for vinaigrette dressings.

Dougherty says understanding that cravings for a burger and fries can creep up on you.

“Go for it, in moderation of course. If you’re craving a burger, get a simple cheese burger and ask for double lettuce and tomato and opt for small fries or choose the chicken sandwich – skip the sodas and large fries,” Dougherty says.WHAT’S TRENDING ONLINE NOW –