Two high-profile cases are shining a spotlight on a raging immigration debate. At issue, how to keep violent undocumented immigrants off the streets and ultimately out of the country. 

One man, in the country illegally, is accused of attacking a Lake Wales police officer.

Another undocumented immigrant is charged in connection with a violent road rage hit and run in Sarasota.

Now a handful of Florida sheriff’s are partnering with immigration officials to keep offenders like those locked up longer.

“The law enforcement community at large, now, we have to work with one another,” explains Lake Wales Deputy Chief Troy Schulze. “We can’t fly our own flags.” 

Not everyone supports the effort though, and opponents claim it goes too far. 

“It puts a community in a state of panic and fear,” says Pamela Gomez with the Florida Immigrant Coalition. 

Coming up Wednesday on News Channel 8 at 5 p.m., Jennifer Leigh breaks down both sides of the debate in a special report on undocumented outlaws.