TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Crooks are ordering iPhones in other people’s names and sticking their victims with the bill.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the scheme is growing in popularity, and his office is hunting for a suspect they believe was involved in using a man’s identity to buy a phone. Judd says the video shows the man picking up a box from the victim’s porch that is believed to contain the phone.

“They sit down the street,” he said. “When the iPhone is delivered, they go up on the front porch and they take it, and they leave. They stick you with the bill and you’ve lost your identity.”

Last week, Better Call Behnken introduced you to a Hillsborough County woman who had never used a cell phone. A crook ordered three phones in her name and stuck her with the bill.

The only difference is that she was home to get the phones when they were delivered. Judd says this scheme isn’t new, but is becoming more popular among thieves who either sell the phones or use them for a while and toss them.

“Crime Stoppers will give you money, cold cash just for giving us a lead on who this nefarious guy is,” Judd said.

Be on the lookout for this type of scheme by checking your bank statements. Check your bank statements and if you see any unusual charges from a cell phone company, call the company and call your local law enforcement agency.