TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa business owners are out tens of thousands of dollars in fine decorator granite after a thief managed to steal more than a dozen slabs of expensive stone using stolen credit cards and a fake Florida’s driver’s license.

Raj Emandi, of Acme Stone in Tampa, has been selling granite slabs since the 90s. In July, a thief stole 43 slabs, about $43,000 pounds of granite and quartz.

“It’s a big hit for me; $40,000 of a sale was gone, into the drains, and how much I had to work to recover that $40,000,”Emandi said.

Each slab costs about $1,000, and Emandi said he is out more than $43,000 after credit card companies discovered a thief used stolen credit cards.

Emandi said a man who claimed his name was David Lopez ordered the slabs by phone and texted a fake driver’s license as proof of his identity. He started with 10 slabs, delivered to a nearby fabricator, where it was allegedly picked up by the crooks.