TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA ) – Rick Drury was excited to expand his business and open a second Precinct Pizza location on Ray Charles Boulevard near downtown. But in the first two months that he’s been open, he says Uber Eats hasn’t paid him a dime for orders he’s fulfilled.

The current tab is more than $6,000, according to Drury.

“I have dozens and dozens and dozens of messages to these people and it’s useless,” he said.

Drury says he’s losing money on tips, too, because his drivers fulfill every Uber Eats order themselves. He says text messages from Uber Eats representatives aren’t encouraging.

“They say, ‘We understand how this would be very upsetting. We’ve escalated this to the appropriate team,'” Drury said. “I am not patient. I’ve lost my patience, it’s gone. I mean, how much am I supposed to wait?”

This isn’t the first time Drury has had this problem. He turned to Better Call Behnken about the same situation at his Wesley Chapel location in April 2020. It worked then, so he called again.

Within hours of our calls to Uber, he sent us a picture showing $6,423.91 pending from Uber.

“I wish I had called you weeks ago,” he said.

Better Call Behnken will follow up to make sure the transaction goes through.