TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Mike Hammonds is sick of driving over a speed hump that is in the worst location for him. That hump in the street—designed to slow down traffic along North Boulevard—is so close to his driveway that it’s damaging his car.

“Every day when I leave and come back home I keep hitting this bump,” Hammonds said. “It knocks my steering out of alignment and it is just a nuisance. It’s become more trouble with worrying about cars hitting you from behind because there’s no signs telling you there’s a speed hump.”

The hump runs right along his driveway and has sizeable dip between the speed hump and driveway. That dip is what is causing most of the problems.

At first, Hammonds says the city promised to fix this when he moved in a year ago. But the job kept getting delayed, and then recently he said he was told the city no longer has the equipment to remove speed bumps, and it was suggested that he instead move his entire driveway.

“I mean it’s attached to my garage,” Hammonds said.

So, he had a better idea. He called Better Call Behnken. A city spokesman promised to look into it and sent an email days later saying the speed hump will be removed within the next two weeks.

“I am so happy to hear that,” Hammonds said when he heard the news. “This is great.”