TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Christine Vasconcelo wanted to spruce up her Bloomingdays Flower Shop with new signs.

The business owner has paid more than $4,000 for the signs but has not received the final, big street sign.

“I want my sign,” she said. “I paid for it and I have been patient.”

Vasconcelo hired Tampa Signs and Printing in February, she says getting the signs has been a battle. After a long delay, she received a storefront sign in July but said she was told to pay the balance before receiving the final sign. It hasn’t happened yet, and she says now the business isn’t returning her calls.

She called consumer investigator Shannon Behnken for help. Behnken went to the shop on Yukon Street in Tampa and found that it appeared closed. When reached on the phone, owner Timothy Poe said he’s sorry he hasn’t delivered and he’s getting a new truck next week and plans to install the sign then.

He said he closed his storefront but is working from home.

Vasconcelo said she is very happy with the quality of the storefront sign that Poe created and hopeful she’ll soon have the other one. Behnken will stay on this story until she does.