TAMPA, FLA. (WFLA) – Steve Haynes and his wife thought they did everything right when they bought a Range Rover through a private sale.

They went with the seller to her bank and arranged a wire transfer of the $24,000. But the money ended up in an account that didn’t accept wire transfers – and they didn’t find out until 10 days later.

They had to pay for the car again, they say, figuring they’d get their original payment back quickly.

That didn’t happen. More than six weeks later, they turned to Better Call Behnken for help, saying they got the runaround from Chase Bank.

“They won’t talk to me because I’m not a banking customer and they won’t return none of my phone calls either,” Haynes said. “I went to the bank in person actually to try talk to them in person and they won’t talk to me either, told me get out of their bank. Very rude.”

After calls from Better Call Behnken, a Chase spokeswoman confirmed what Haynes says he’d been trying to tell the bank: his money went to an account the seller used to pay her car loan, and that account didn’t accept wire transfers.

But, he says, the bank kept telling him it was under investigation and they would only speak with the seller – their customer.

The bank spokesperson said the money will be returned to Haynes’ Wells Fargo account. She said it could take one to two business days for the money to post.

Haynes is thankful but still questions why this took so long.

“It’s ironic that once you took the case up they all of a sudden found $24,000,” he said. “I do nothing but thank you a million times over for doing this story and getting my money back.”