TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Three neighbors along Trilby Avenue in South Tampa wanted to make a dangerous ditch in front of their homes safer.

“[We wanted to] put in a pipe so that the storm water would drain correctly but then we could cover it up with sod so that it would be a safe place for our kids,” said Kristin Lawrence.

Lawrence and two neighbors hired Point Drainage & Erosion, a division of Point West Construction in Tampa, in April 2021.

They forked over a $2,400 down payment on the estimated $4,800 job. They told Investigative Reporter Shannon Behnken that nothing happened until October, when the company showed up to dig the ditch deeper.

“They brought out a pipe that was six inches too big and never came back,” she said.

Neighbors said they got excuses, and then their calls weren’t returned.

“I can’t believe that it’s a year later and we put money toward this and they haven’t done anything,” said Rachel Carlock.

Fed up, the neighbors knew they’d Better Call Behnken.

The City of Tampa confirmed that although the contractor applied for a permit in June 2021, it wasn’t approved. City records show comments from city permitting raising numerous issues the city wanted addressed.

A city spokeswoman told us Tampa has waited since August for a response.

A representative from Point said they were sorry for the confusion and they will refund all of the families’ money. The representative blamed COVID-related employee issues.

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