TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A growing number of customers from Honest Abe Roofing Tampa are calling Better Call Behnken about liens filed on their homes by suppliers who claim the roofing company failed to pay them.

With no one answering phones at the Tampa office, concerned customers called Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken for help.

“Sleepless nights. Lots of sleepless nights,” said Joseph Bucaro, a New Port Richey homeowner who has received a $17,000 lien on his property.

Bucaro says he went with Honest Abe because they were already doing his neighbor’s roof and they offered a lifetime warranty with periodic checkups by their professionals.

His $56,000 roof was installed in August, and last week both he and his neighbor received liens filed against their properties by a supplier claiming materials weren’t paid for by Honest Abe Roofing Tampa.

“I called the workers who I was in touch with during all of this,” Bucaro said. “Their phones were disconnected.”

In Clearwater, Tracey Hayes received a lien, too. Hers is for more than $8,000. She says she tried to call a corporate office but was told franchises, in six different states, are all independently owned.

Behnken reached out to the owner of the Tampa franchise, Cortni Lewis. She said she had no comment at this time.

Better Call Behnken reached Aaron Ellis, Chief Marketing Officer for Honest Abe Roofing Franchise. He confirmed each office is independently owned and operated. He said his office is getting calls from upset consumers in Florida and is working to help them.

“Tampa is a big market, and we want to continue servicing that market.” Ellis said. “We care about these customers.”

He went on to say he has recently been made aware of issues at the Tampa and Jacksonville locations, with customers complaining of liens and being unable to reach the company. He said he is not sure if the Tampa office will remain open or not but is working to get answers.

“We care about these customers,” Ellis said. “Also, I feel terrible for the franchises in Florida that are doing good business. This is not fair to them.”

Ellis said Honest Abe has set up a special email for Florida consumers so they can assist them. That email is: floridasupport@honestaberoofing.com. Ellis said customers can also call this number: 866-587-5171