TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – 8 On Your Side’s Better Call Behnken is hearing from Humana Medicare Advantage customers who say they’ve been told a computer glitch has left them no insurance coverage.

The supposed drop in coverage is affecting residents not just in Florida but also in Texas.

Robert Winch of Apollo Beach says he and his wife are unable to refill prescriptions because Humana’s computer system shows “no coverage” at the pharmacy.

“CVS told us we could get the medication if we pay full price,” Winch said.

One of the medications he will need soon would set him back $500 instead of his typical copay of $25.

Winch says he was first told the issue is impacting up to 60,000 seniors but he was assured it would be taken care of within 72 hours. This morning, the computer still shows “no coverage.”

Meanwhile, Linda and Christopher Reh of New Port Richey say they were told by a customer service representative that the problem may not be fixed until February.

“My husband has had a stroke and needs his medications,” said Linda Reh. “And what about people who have procedures planned, will they be covered?”

Below is a statement from Humana:

While converting to the new 2020 plan year, we inadvertently removed coverage from several thousand Humana Medicare Advantage members in Florida and Texas. We are working quickly to resolve this issue and want to apologize for the inconvenience we have caused our members. We take our responsibility to ensure access to care very seriously.

We are reaching out to members who may have had difficulty filling prescriptions to ensure they receive the medications and the care that they need while we reinstate their coverage in our systems. This reinstatement should occur for most members by early tomorrow morning.

Humana Medicare Advantage members who need assistance or have a question should contact Humana at the number on the back of their Humana ID card.

8 On Your Side investigator Shannon Behnken is working to get answers for impacted seniors.

Check back here for updates on this developing story and watch WFLA at 5 p.m. for Shannon’s full report.