TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – It may soon be safe to start answering your phone again. 

The Federal Communication Commission is taking action against annoying robocalls by allowing phone carriers to identify their numbers and block them. 

Robocallers use technology to call many of us at the same time and spoof their phone numbers, so we are tricked into thinking the calls are legitimate. 

The FCC wants cell phone carriers to use technology to fight back. In a sweeping ruling, the FCC is allowing cell phone carriers to stop the robocalls for you.

In a unanimous decision last week, the commission voted 5-0 to allow phone companies to block the calls by default.

Tampa Attorney Shaughn Hill, of Morgan & Morgan, fights robocallers in court and says he expects the ruling to dramatically slow down.

‘​​​”It provides certain powers to the voice service providers that they didn’t have previously,” Hill said. Essentially now, what this ruling allows these voice service providers to do is as a default they can block certain unwanted robocalls using what they’ve called a reasonable call analytics.”

Carriers have until the end of the year to develop technology to make this happen. 

Some worry there could be a downside. Legitimate calls, such as pharmacy and doctor calls or credit alerts, could be blocked. 

That’s why the ruling allows consumers to opt out of this plan, but you’ll have to request that with your carrier.