RIVERVIEW, Fla (WFLA) – Elizabeth Villoch wanted Frontier Communications service at her new home, but she ended up with a more than $1,700 water bill and months of frustration.

Villoch says a subcontractor working for Frontier hit her sprinkler line causing the leak. Since it is on the side of the house, she didn’t notice right away, and since the sprinkler system is on a well, the leak caused the well to run dry causing damage.

Then the water supply kicked over to county water, running up the bill.

“The pass through started running on the county water, and it started running on my meter, and that’s why … it was like 80,000 gallons of water,” Villoch said.

Frontier referred her to its insurance company which referred her to the subcontractor, Lamberts Cable Splicing.

“He dug it up and took pictures and said he’d be back in touch, and I’ve called him and called him and called him, and he just sends me to voice mail,” Villoch said.

A representative from the subcontracting company told Better Call Behnken this was a miscommunication and that he would review the situation again.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman with Frontier Communication said this bill was “unacceptable” and that Frontier would continue contacting the subcontractor until this is fixed.