RIVERVIEW, Fla. (WFLA) – Imagine suddenly – and without warning – having to share your street address with your neighbors.

That’s what Eric and Aaryn Michel are dealing with in their neighborhood near the Alafia River.

They are frustrated they now have to share their street number on Casa Loma Drive with a fenced-in vacant lot next door.

This confusing situation started when a neighbor sold two properties separately, and the vacant lot was given an address for the first time.

The Michels live at 11114 Casa Loma Drive. The next house north is at 11116. The owner of 11116 sold the house and the lot to two different owners. The owner of the lot, according to county officials, recently asked the county for an address and was assigned 11114-A.

That has caused a lot of confusion for the Michels.

“All our packages started ending up over there,” Eric said. “We started receiving mail here at our mailbox for the owner.”

Even the county seems confused, because the Michels received a code violation for the lot next door, sent to them at the 11114 address.

County officials said industry standards dictates the new address must be attached to the Michel’s house. Why? Because it’s the lower sequence number and the county says there’s no other even number between 14 and 16.

The Michels say they think that logic is wrong. Meanwhile, the county said they can either keep the address the same or change their address to a different number. The county is also working to clear up the code violation confusion.