TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Better Call Behnken is trying to help a couple get money back from a trip they paid for nearly two years ago but didn’t get to take.

Yael Eylat-Tanaka was supposed to go on a cruise with her husband and then travel to Israel and London. The trip was set for May 2020 and was canceled that March.

She received some refunds for parts of the trip and then received an email from CheapAir.com telling her that more than $1,500 would come back from Tap Air Portugal.

But now, it’s nearly 2022 and she says she’s getting the runaround.

“Supposed to get money, and you’ll get it, please allow two billing cycles to see it back on your credit card. That was January 2021 and two billing cycles came and went – and no money on my credit card,” she said.

CheapAir.com CEO Jeff Klee returned calls from Investigator Shannon Behnken and sent this email:

“I understand that the customer is frustrated and I don’t blame her. We are working hard on her behalf and I am confident we will get this resolved. But we are at TAP’s mercy. The traveler did not pay us, she paid TAP directly. They were the merchant of record. At no time did we hold that money.”

Klee said CheapAir.com will continue to fight for the consumer to get their money back.