TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Jordan Hidalgo, a pool contractor responsible for six companies in the Tampa Bay area, is relinquishing all of his licenses, according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

This comes after a growing number of customers of several pool companies complained to the state about unfinished pools, liens on their homes and poor communication.

One thing that connects them all is that the companies have the same state-licensed contractor , Hidalgo, and he’s the one who is legally responsible for all of their projects.

Hidalgo’s licenses represented the following companies: Modern Pools, West Bay Pools, Staycation Pools & Spas, Pinellas Construction Services, LLC, 30 Day Pools, Pools By Jordan and A to Z Gulfcoast Service. He had two different licenses for two of the companies.

Licenses for Staycation Pools & Spas and West Bay Pools are officially relinquished now and the rest of the licenses are good until Nov. 1, according to the state.

Hidalgo tells Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken that Staycation, Modern and West Bay Pools are all closing. He says there are plans to continue the other companies with new licensed general contractors.

He said he is working with subcontractors to work directly with customers to finish dozens of unfinished pools.

DBPR sent an email that said this settlement makes customers eligible to apply to the Florida Homeowners’ Construction Recovery Fund for compensation. The settlement will also allow the CILB to issue Final Orders for future cases against Mr. Hidalgo’s licenses, the state said. Additionally, consumers who have not filed complaints with DBPR yet are still able to do so.

The Florida Homeowners’ Construction Recovery Fund (FHCRF) is regulated by the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB), and is overseen by DBPR. Pursuant to s. 468.631, F.S., the FHCRF is funded from a 1.5% surcharge on all permit fees associated with enforcement of the Florida Building Code; the proceeds from this surcharge are split evenly between the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Fund and the FHCRF.

For additional information, visit the Recovery Fund website and find its Recovery Fund claim form, FAQs and other materials.