TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Better Call Behnken is helping a business owner after she says she paid for a pole barn she hasn’t received.

Christina Dawson, owner of Horse Force in Plant City, uses horses in her therapy sessions as a mental health counselor. It can be tough in the Florida heat, so she decided to install a pole barn.

She hired Barns of America to build a 60 by 84-foot pole barn in March and she says she’s still getting the run around after putting down half, more than $16,000, as a deposit.

Barns of America is based in Old Town, Florida, about an hour west of Gainesville. Its website states they install barns throughout Florida and several other states. Dawson financed her project, and the total was $33,680.

The contract specifies delivery between eight and 10 weeks, but there were delays. Dawson says she was promised delivery by July 4, then Sept. 12.

“I work with one treatment center and they come out bi-weekly. Their clients are usually there 60 to 90 days. So it’s this constant,” Dawson said. “I promise you in two weeks, it’ll be here and it will be more conducive to your therapy. And then they show up and it’s still not here.”

Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken reached out to Harvey Jordan, owner of Barns of America. He blamed COVID-19 and weather-related delays but promised to make this right. He acknowledged that his business, listed under numerous names, has struggled since Covid and has low BBB ratings, but he says his business, “is here to stay,” and he will makes things right for all customers.

He offered either a refund or a guaranteed delivery date of Oct. 5. Dawson says she still wants to the barn and is willing to wait for the new date – but only one more time.