PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) — More than a year after four homeowners on Oak Avenue hired a contractor to build seawalls, the work isn’t finished and now county officials are involved.

A county spokesperson said the county is investigating whether some work was done according to permitted plans and whether the contractor, Seawall Services Inc., is licensed to conduct the work.

Contracts said “Seawall Services Inc. is a division of Coral Stone Builders LLC.” Contracts and permits list a general contractor’s license for a man named Larry Bang.

But officials at the Pinellas County Licensing Board and the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation said the two companies are not connected in any legal way.

All phone numbers listed in public records for Mr. Bang are actually numbers for his business partner Tom Irving. He has not returned calls seeking contact information for Mr. Bang, the contractor ultimately responsible for the work on Oak Avenue.

Meanwhile, less than 24 hours after calls from Better Call Behnken, one homeowner, Deena Winter, sent photos of workers who showed up to resume work on her seawall.

It was a welcome sight for Winter, who was left with dangerous, deep holes left in her backyard.

She said the contractor had stopped taking her calls.

“There’s really little accountability for these guys to come back,” Winter said. “One of my friend’s dog’s came over and literally fell right in that hole, and when he fell in the hole, it’s 6 feet down.”

Winter also said the part of the seawall that was done was not done correctly.

“The seawall itself did not have the appropriate rebar put in there before the concrete wall, the sea cap was poured, so because the wrong rebar was put in, it’s not the right strength to hold back having a pool on the property,” she said.

The engineer’s report confirmed this.