LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. (WFLA) – Eleven brand new homes in Pasco County’s Connerton neighborhood have the address of Flourish Drive, but that street stops before it reaches those homes. On Thursday, the county and builder took a step toward finishing the road.

This is after homeowner Michelle Leusch turned to Better Call Behnken, saying it’s not only a headache for visitors and delivery drivers to find the homes, but she worries about safety and whether first responders could find the addresses quickly.

“As you can see, there’s gates on the front of these homes because this is the actual street, so it’s weird to have a dark, vacant lot with debris and trash and kids using this sidewalk to come home from the school.”

Earlier this week, Pasco County sent this statement:

It’s the developer’s responsibility to finish Flourish Drive.  Meanwhile, Pasco County Fire Rescue is working to verify alternate routes, which will be shared with our 911 dispatch team so emergency crews can respond as quickly as possible.

Confusing matters, Lennar sent this statement earlier this week:

The satisfaction of our homeowners is of utmost importance and we understand their esire to pave this road at the time of development, however Pasco County utilities denied our request to build this section of Flourish Drive due to a concern with a dead-end water main. As a result, Flourish Drive will be extended beyond Violet Periwinkle Drive when the future residential phases are developed.

Thursday, both the county and Lennar, sent new statements:

“Pasco County Utilities has no authority over road construction and the county has no objection to the road being finished.  Pasco County looks forward to continuing to work with Lennar as they complete this project.

Pasco County

We are in the process of working with Pasco County Staff towards a resolution.