TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Joseph Hall says he needed extra money this summer. The elementary school teacher spent his summer vacation working for DoorDash.

Everything was great until one of his paychecks for $72.76 was taken back by DoorDash the week after he received the money.

“I thought it must be a mistake,” Hall said.

Hall said he got Suncoast Credit Union and DoorDash on a conference call and the food delivery company asked for something in writing say it reversed the pay.

Hall showed that letter to Better Call Behnken and says he sent it to DoorDash, but “they still say they can’t see that they made the reverse” so they won’t give the money back.

Hall knew he’d Better Call Behnken.

“It’s the principal behind it that if individuals are out there working for DoorDash, this possibly can happen to you, and it’s a frustrating process,” he said. “But I’m owed that money, just like anybody else would want their money that they’ve worked hard for.”

A spokeswoman for DoorDash said she’d investigate and called back to say her team was working with Hall to get the money back. She blamed a “technical error.”

Hall forwarded an email to Better Call Behnken that he received late this afternoon from DoorDash saying there was a problem with the company that processed payments and that an outage affected all account linked to a Visa.

The email says he should have received the money back, but Hall says he still doesn’t have it. Investigator Shannon Behnken will stay on this story until this is resolved.