TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — Chris Becker made one wrong click, sending his mortgage payment to the wrong lender.

“It was my mistake,” he said. “I didn’t think it would be so difficult to fix it, though.”

Becker and his wife recently bought a new home and they pay their mortgage through online bill pay through their bank, USAA. They have a list of creditors in the system that they can choose from to pay bills. Unfortunately, one of their old lenders, PennyMac, was still listed, and Becker accidentally sent his $1,300 mortgage payment to them.

Unfortunately, that was in June, and he’s been trying to get the money back ever since.

“You feel like you’re at your wit’s end,” he said. “You work hard. You try to make your payments on time.”

He says he got the runaround, and his mortgage is now behind because he needs this money back to get current on the loan.

“At that time PennyMac said they were going to expedite the money in five days,” he said. “This was on June 24, and again we still haven’t seen the money.”

Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken reached out to PennyMac and was sent this statement:

“Pennymac received funds from the former customer’s financial institution. The only identifying information given to Pennymac was the customer’s name and an address. We determined that the loan associated with the address was paid off in 2020.  As such, we issued a check to the address we were provided; however, the check was returned to us as the address was outdated. Pennymac has since returned the funds to the customer’s financial institution.  We confirmed with the financial institution that they are in receipt of the funds and will return them to Mr. Becker within 3-10 business days.  Of course, Mr. Becker should work directly with his financial institution to obtain further details.”  

Becker says USAA tells him they see no pending transactions yet, so Better Call Behnken will continue to stay on this story until Becker gets his money back.