SEMINOLE, Fla. (WFLA) – Who is responsible when a neighbor’s tree falls on your house? That’s what Maria Komprath wants to know.

As Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida last week, it uprooted her neighbor’s massive oak tree and slammed in down on her roof. She says her insurance company sent out an adjuster but then told her it could be up to 90 days before she got help.

“What’s going to happen to me if this tree keeps falling?” Komprath said. “I understand that the hurricane caused lots of damages and some of those damages just happened. But this one can still cause damage if not removed.”

Komprath’s other concern: she says she has warned the county, her neighbors and even her own insurance company, Universal Property and Casualty, about this tree for years. In fact, she hired an arborist in May 2021 to confirm whether the tree was healthy.

In his report, the arborist wrote the tee could be a “danger to persons or property.” He recommended the tree be removed.

Better Call Behnken reached out to Universal insurance company and was told Komprath would have a check by the end of the week. She’s fearful the amount won’t cover her damage, though, and says estimates to remove the tree have been as high as $25,000.

Meanwhile, Shannon Behnken reached out the neighbor. He said he had not seen the 2021 arborist report but knew his neighbor was concerned about the tree. He said he had been unable to remove the tree because of a large colony of bees that had been living in it.