TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Medicare recipients are fed up with COVID-19 tests they didn’t order piling up in their mailboxes.

Even more infuriating: Medicare continues to pay even after recipients complain that the orders are bogus.

This has been going on since last year and Tampa Bay area Medicare recipients say orders – and bills – have ramped up in recent months.

This appears, in part, due to medical companies from across the country attempting to get orders in before Medicare stops the reimbursements.

“This is fraud,” said Rep. Kathy Castor, (D-Tampa). “They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.”

Yet, as our Better Call Behnken investigation has found, crooks are getting away with it, and making off with millions of dollars in Medicare money. That means we’re all paying for this fraud with our tax money.

Join us Wednesday on News Channel 8 at 6 p.m. for our special Better Call Behnken report, in which Investigator Shannon Behnken takes your questions to the U.S. Inspector General’s Office, which is tasked with investigating and prosecuting those who steal money from Medicare.