ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A St. Petersburg mobile home park, Sawgrass Lake Estates, promised Better Call Behnken two weeks ago that it would take down a massive tree looming over a home.

That still hasn’t happened and Kimberly Lyle says management told her it might not come down at all, even after a local tree company offered to take it down for free.

“Why would you turn down free?” Lyle asked. “What’s the problem?”

Lyle says Hurricane Irma caused the tree to lean. She says an arborist estimated the tree at near 100 feet tall.

“A big wind and that tree’s coming down,” Lyle said.

Lyle owns her home at Sawgrass Lake Estates. She rents the land and the tree is the responsibility of management. Lyle claims she’s never seen anyone maintain the tree and it just grew out of control.

The complex is owned by an Illinois corporation called Lakeshore Management.

“The slogan here is, ‘all about you,'” she said. “And it’s supposed to be a community. But, there’s no community between us and corporate. “

Lyle is stuck with the site manager and says that person came out and took pictures, but offered no help.

Two weeks ago, when the Better Call Behnken team showed up, the property manager had a different answer. She did not offer up much information, but did call corporate and said she was told the tree would come down – soon.

When we went back Tuesday, management said corporate had not given the okay to take down the tree.

After repeated phone calls to the corporate office, Lyle says a corporate representative came out to see the tree and promised it would be gone tomorrow.

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