A Lutz woman claims her Uber Eats delivery driver helped himself to her food. 

Angel Diaz turned to Better Call Behnken after her $60 order from Glory Days was canceled and she received no refund.

Diaz says Uber told her the driver claimed he couldn’t reach her.

She says this isn’t true because no one called her cell phone or knocked on her front door. She is a frequent Uber Eats customer and no one has had trouble find her home in the past. 

She says she received an Uber alert that her food was picked up. The restaurant is five miles from her home. 

“I was shocked when the food didn’t show up,” she said. 

Better Call Behnekn found pages of similar reports online, alleging drivers use a loophole to keep food. An online forum for drivers appears to show drivers sharing tips on how to score free meals. 

The alleged loophole is this. If drivers “try” to deliver, but the customer doesn’t answer, the drivers get to keep the food.

One driver writes, “Full rack of ribs this weekend. Yum.”

Another, “I always wanted to try the food from this place.” He ends his post with with, “Thanks entitled snowflake.”

One driver offers this advice. “One cancel per 50 deliveries shouldn’t be a problem. If you cancel 25 percent, that will be a problem. Also, always select a legit reason from the list of reasons they give.”

Comments like these and Uber’s reaction to her complaint, leaves Diaz furious. 

“They know how to steal your food,” Diaz said. “And Uber Eats is highly aware of it, and they’re doing nothing about it.”

A spokesperson for Uber Eats said the company is now investigating the incident and has decided to give Diaz a full refund. 

The delivery driver in question has no prior complaints, the Uber spokeswoman said.

She added that drivers are advised to throw away the food if they are unable to make the delivery because the customer is not reachable.