LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) — A Largo neighborhood is still dealing with a mysterious hole that is growing and causing more depressions to form.

Property owners have done their part to fix the problem and want to know why the county isn’t moving faster.

Cathy Doxsey is tired of dealing with the dangerous mess in her backyard.

“Fixing this is so overdue,” she said.

In April, Doxsey and neighbors turned to Better Call Behnken for help, saying the city of Largo and Pinellas County pointed the blame at each other.

At the time, the county said this mysterious hole was caused by a county storm water pipe, but the county would not fix the holes on the county easement until the neighbors fixed old illicit pipes on their properties.

In May, Doxsey took the first step to get it resolved. She hired a crew to go underground and remove an old pipe under her property connected to a county pipe. Now, all her neighbors have done their part, but Doxsey says the county still hasn’t done anything to fix the hole.

Better Call Behnken checked in with the county again and was told that they’ve requested information for the city of Largo and are still waiting on that. A spokesperson said they are hopeful for an update next week.