LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) – The first NFL Sunday of the season on Sept. 11 was a big one for John Harris. He won $50,000.

Harris has been playing fantasy sports for a while and recently started placing prop bets on a site called Thrive Fantasy, based in New York. He’s won a little here and a little there, but was stunned to win so much money.

“It was really exciting,” he said. “I had my kids over and I hadn’t looked at it all day and towards the end of the last game, I looked at it and go, ‘What? I’m in first place, $50,000!'”

He was told he’d have to continue betting until he hit a minimum amount to qualify to withdraw that much money and then he could expect a payout in five to seven days. He says he carefully followed instructions but never got paid, and his repeated emails weren’t answered.

“I sent email after email and heard absolutely nothing back,” he said.

Fearing the worst, he decided to bet on Better Call Behnken to get answers about his payout. Investigator Shannon Behnken reached out to Thrive Fantasy and reached CEO Adam Weinstein. He emailed to explain that large payouts can take longer.

“For all winners over $25,000, we go through extensive procedures to ensure no foul play or collusion has occurred.  This isn’t a rare situation for a big payout to take a longer time to be paid out.

With this said, John has been approved for his withdrawal and will be paid out shortly.”

When asked when that would be, he said the check should be sent out Thursday.

Harris is thrilled to have answers and a confirmation that he’s really getting the money.

“That is spectacular,” he said. “I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done, and so quickly, too. I thought maybe you’d be able to get it done but it would take a couple of weeks of back and forth, but to get it done in less than 24 hours is astounding.”