TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Largo neighborhood is dealing with a mysterious hole that is growing and causing more depressions to form.

Neighbors turned to Investigator Shannon Behnken for help earlier this month, and they called again to say they are still getting the runaround.

“It could be another year before this is even fixed,” said Cathy Doxsey.

This started more than a year ago and has slowly spread, she says up to a few feet deep in some areas. Other property owners turned to me for help three weeks ago, saying the city of Largo and Pinellas County pointed the blame at each other.

Less than 24 hours after Better Call Behnken got involved, the two property owners received code violations, claiming they had 30 days to fix old illicit pipes on their properties.

County officials say they can’t fix their stormwater pipe until the homeowners remove old – non-working- illicit pipes and seal the hole where the two pipes are connected.

Cathy’s willing to do this – anything to get this fixed- but she called me back for help again, saying her contractor is having trouble getting a permit.

“They knew all along that there was an issue back in 2020 and they let me continue to pay a lawyer to try and figure this all out, and they’re still dragging their feet,” she said.

Better Call Behnken contacted county and city officials again and visited city offices. I didn’t leave until Cathy’s contractor was contacted and told his permit is approved and he can start work.

City officials say they want to help her navigate the process, but the county won’t start work until both property owners remove their pipes.

“I’m so blessed that you have gotten involved. At least I feel that if we make other people aware out there of the situation, if they run into the same problem, they can get it fixed,” she said. “So I greatly appreciate you Shannon being involved in the story.”