TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) Joyce Bugaiski is fed up from dealing with flooding that she blames on a drainage problem at the apartment complex next door.

Bugaiski says that when she hears thunder, she panics. That’s because retention ponds at The Landings of Dossey Oaks overflow and drains back up, sending flood water toward her property. When that happens, her septic system backs up, and she could be without water for days. 

“We can’t shower,” Bugaiski said. “I can’t do laundry. We can’t flush our toilets. And they don’t seem to want to do anything.”

The apartment complex was built two years ago and there were no problems until now.

Bugaiski turned to Better Call Behnken for help getting her voice heard. 

We reached out to Bershire Management Group, which manages The Landings. Stacy Allison, a spokesperson, said the project was in compliance with Southwest Florida Water Management District requirements when the project received permits.

She said the district is working with the complex to determine if anything can be done fix the flooding issue. 

“Whatever they say we need to do, we are willing to do,” Allison said.