WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) — Lois Anderson just wants to pay her taxes and move on with life. But that’s the problem. The IRS says it appears she’s dead, and no matter what proof she offers, she’s had no luck fixing this.

“They said, ‘Why did you file your tax return again, we can’t accept it because you’re dead.’ They just keep accepting my checks for both years, but saying I’m deceased. I spend two hours at a time on the phone with the IRS.”

This all started in October 2020 when Anderson received a letter from Social Security saying she would no longer receive social security benefits because she had been declared dead.

“They said a family member or the funeral home must have reported you dead. I had to go to the social security office a couple of times and take proof of life, along with my body, and they declared me alive again.”

Despite a quick fix by the Social Security Administration, somehow, the IRS did not get the message. Anderson says she has sent them all of the information they’ve requested numerous times but still keeps receiving a letter stating records show she’s deceased.

Investigative Reporter Shannon Behnken reached out the IRS and the Social Security Administration to get a review and correction of the records. She continues to fight for answers and will update this story accordingly.