HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – As emergency officials continue to monitor 36 depressions in Hudson, homeowners throughout the Tampa Bay area are concerned.

Pople are worried their neighborhood could be next and confused about whether their homeowner’s insurance is enough.

So I went the Better Call Behnken Facebook page to connect with you and find out what you want to know.

I took those questions straight to the professionals.

Michelle Mosher, with Southshore Insurance Professionals in Brandon, reached out to help.

First up: Charlene asks: “Why does homeowner’s insurance usually not cover sinkholes?”

Well, as Michelle explains, it’s complicated and depends on the type of hole and damage.

In simple terms, with a catastrophic event and your house falls in a hole and is condemned, you are covered even if you didn’t buy specific sinkhole coverage.

Next up, Joanne says, “I was told you can’t even get sinkhole coverage in Hudson. Is that true?”

Yes and no. Michelle tells me basic homeowner’s insurance won’t cover most damage from sinkholes unless, of course, it is catastrophic. Cracks in your foundation or wall won’t be covered.

Bottom line: Michelle says talk to your agent, be prepared to jump through a lot of hoops and even then, if you live in a neighborhood with known sinkhole issues, you will likely be denied coverage.