TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Ron Mahelic wants his seawall finished. He and two neighbors along Flagstone Drive in Tampa hired the same company last July and said they are getting the runaround.

“Getting them to come here and finish the work,” he said. “It’s a constant, ‘I’m going to come on Monday,’ and then Monday comes and nobody shows up.”

So imagine his surprise when he saw our Better Call Behnken reports about his seawall company’s troubles in Pinellas County.

County officials shut down work at four projects on Oak Avenue in Palm Harbor saying the company doesn’t have the license to do the work.

We found customer contracts that say Seawall Services Inc. is “a division of Coral Stone Builders LLC.” but officials at the Pinellas County Licensing Board and the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation said the two companies are not connected in any legal way.

This means this is unlicensed work.

In addition to shutting down the work, the county pointed out what it called “life/safety” issues.

Mahelic tells me after repeated calls, the contractor workers did come this week, but did little work and did not come back when he was told they would.

He said he called the Hillsborough County government and learned they don’t issue construction permits for seawalls like Pinellas County does. That means no county inspections of the work.

“I think there needs to be some sort of protection from Hillsborough County because this is a huge investment on property,” he said.

After calls from Better Call Behnken, officials from the EPC said they plan a site visit to check projects along Flagstone Drive.