LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. (WFLA) — Sandra Utterback finally has her February social security payment, after crooks diverted the money to a different bank account.

“I probably spoke to a total of 10 people before you came here and got nowhere,” Utterback said.

With days of calling Better Call Behnken, Utterback’s $1,617 payment was deposited into her bank account.

Her trouble started months ago when she received an unsettling letter from the Social Security Administration, confirming a request to divert her benefits check to a new financial institution where she didn’t have an account.

She says that was done by a crook who stole her payment. She called the government to report the fraud and was told the matter would be investigated. Months later, she still didn’t have the money.

Utterback was able to pay back people who had helped her through this tough time.

“My daughter had given me the money to make a car payment and all that, so she got her money,” Utterback said. “I’m glad this is over.”