TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Luke Frazier, a former Hernando County Sheriff candidate and the subject of a Better Call Behnken investigation, has been charged with organized fraud involving travel trailers.

This comes fifteen months after a BCB investigation exposed the suspicious sale of a camper with a fake title that left a Pasco County man unable to sell the camper he bought from Frazier’s company, XRX Corp.

The Florida Highway Patrol launched its own investigation after Jack Donlin turned to Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken in June 2020 with an unusual problem: he’d just discovered that the Wildwood camper he’d paid $13,000 for wasn’t what he thought it was.

When Donlin tried to sell the camper, he discovered he couldn’t because the title he’d been given from XRX Corp. didn’t match the one found on his camper. 8 On Your Side Investigator Shannon Behnken traced the truth through vehicle identification numbers.

The VIN for Donlin’s camper and the one on the title were nearly identical, except for an “F” where an “E” should be. 8 On Your Side discovered Donlin’s camper was actually a different model – with severe water damage. It was supposed to be destroyed in 2018.

So in 2020, Better Call Behnken called XRX Corp owner Luke Frazier. He said he had no explanation and no plans to help Donlin.

More than a year later, Frazier has been arrested and charged with title fraud. Public documents show the Florida Highway Patrol alleges Frazier “purchased trailers, fraudulently falsified the titles by changing a digit within the VIN and reapplied for new titles by presenting counterfeit” documents.

FHP investigated and the case is being prosecuted by the Hernando County State Attorney’s Office.

Frazier was unable to be reached for comment on this story.

Public records show Frazier has another ongoing battle. He’s also facing a felony in Wisconsin for election fraud, involving absentee ballots.

In 2013, he was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation for organized fraud. In that case, he was accused of using fake deeds to rent out a house he didn’t own.

Frazier ran for Hernando County Sheriff in 2008.