TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Sally Wallington just wants to file her taxes and get her refund, but she can’t locate the one missing form she needs – a 1099-G form from the State of Florida for unemployment compensation.

She said the website didn’t recognize her. So she reached out and was finally able to reach a customer service person.

“She said, ‘we’ve been getting hundreds of calls’ and she said ‘there’s been no acknowledgement that the system is down and we don’t know what’s going on, but nothing is happening,'” Wallington said. “And she told me to call Channel 8 and call Behnken because lots of people need help.”

It’s not just Wallington. Better Call Behnken has been hearing from a growing number of you that can’t access your 1099-G form. Even getting through to customer service didn’t help Wallington.

After a call from Investigator Shannon Behnken, the Department of Economic Opportunity called Wallington and offered to mail her 1099-G form to her house. A DEO spokeswoman sent this information to help people trying to access their form:

“If a claimant is having trouble accessing their 1099-G, they can receive assistance by visiting the Reemployment Assistance Help Center, locate “Tax Documents,” and select the option that best describes their request.

Also, they can use the following troubleshooting options:

*       Log-in to your Reemployment Assistance account and go to “My 1099-G” in the main menu to view the last five years of your 1099-G Form document.

*       Verify Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer and is up-to-date.

*       Disable any pop-up blockers or firewalls in your browser. The 1099-G Form will open in an additional window in your computer browser.

*       Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the screen when the PDF document opens. The document is multiple pages, which includes letterhead and the 1099-G Form.

Please note that if a claimant has not accessed their Reemployment Assistance account since September 2, 2021, they will need to complete Multi-Factor Authentication before they will be able to access their Reemployment Assistance account. Claimants in need of assistance with this step may review the Guide for Accessing Your Reemployment Assistance Account.”

You can find more information on how to request the form on the state’s DEO website.