SEMINOLE, Fla. (WFLA) – Luis and Suzanne Guerrero have been displaced from their Seminole home 22 days after sewage spewed from showers and toilets.

Pinellas County workers mistakenly worked on the neighbor’s pipe instead of theirs and they claim that made the situation worse.

“To have somebody’s house be destroyed because of your carelessness, of nine days, 10 days not coming in and doing the right thing, after I made numerous calls,” Luis Guerrero said.

Workers ended up determining large oak tree roots crushed the sewer line on the county and customer side. The tree was removed and Guerrero says he was led to believe the county would fix his house.

“He said, ‘Mr. Guerrero we’ll take care of this, give us your plumbing bills, it’s our fault we’ll take care of it,'” Guerrero said

However, that wasn’t the case. The county denied the claim and says the cause of the backup was the homeowner’s fault, blaming grease in the line, something the Guerrero’s dispute.

The only thing the county admits blame for is mistakenly installing a cleanout on the neighbor’s line thinking it was the one for the Guerrero’s house.

“We had bio-hazardous waste stuck in my house with nowhere to go for nine days, 10 days because of the negligence of the county,” Guerrero said.

The Guerrero’s say every room in the house was affected and have filed a claim with their insurance company, which is now working to clean and restore the home.

Guerrero says everything from walls to even the kitchen cabinets had to be removed because of bacteria. Fans now sit throughout the house, but the stench of sewage is still there.

“I just want to make it public that what they’re doing is wrong. Thank God I got insurance, but still, I’m coming out of my pocket… an apology saying we’re sorry we messed up, not telling me it’s not your fault.”