TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Months after David Duncan spoiled a crook’s scheme to rip off his mother for two iPhones, he turned to Better Call Behnken to help get his mom a refund.

Days later, every penny was returned.

“I was getting nowhere,” he said. “I was telling my wife – it just goes to show if you know the right people to call, you can get things done faster and that is exactly what you were able to do, so it was fantastic.”

This all started, he says, when his elderly mother received two boxes from FedEx. Each box contained a brand new iPhone, sent by Spectrum Mobile – expensive cell phones she didn’t order.

Then she received a phone call from someone claiming to be with Spectrum. The caller said the phones were sent in error, and she was instructed to return the phones – by sending them to a house in New Jersey.

David figured out the scheme in time to keep the phones away from the crooks but even after he returned the phones to the real Spectrum, he couldn’t get a refund for his mom.

That changed quickly after Investigator Shannon Behnken got in touch with the right people at Spectrum. Now, David has a warning for his mom – and all of us:

“I always tell her if she gets any phone calls from these big companies to call me right away because most of these companies will never reach out to us, as just regular customers, and they definitely won’t ask for our user names, our passwords,” he said.

It’s unclear how this crook was able to get into David’s mom’s account and send her these iPhones. He says scammers routinely call his mother, pretending to be different companies, trying to get her personal information.

This refund was for around $300. David says he was told his mom would have had to pay $1,400 for each phone if the crook had been successful in obtaining those phones.