TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Beverly Scheddel can finally cash her $945 refund check from Duke Energy after calling Better Call Behnken for help.

“I’m so glad I called,” she said. “I could really use the money.”

Scheddel was in the middle of transferring her Duke Energy account into her son’s name when she learned of the refund.

And that’s where the problem arose. When her husband died decades ago, she left the account in his name. As a result, when the refund check arrived, it was made out to her late husband, Larry.

“Nobody will cash it,” Scheddel said weeks ago. “We called them back and they kept telling us they would send us papers to sign, and it never happened.”

After months of trying on her own, she knew she’d Better Call Behnken. Investigative Reporter Shannon Behnken reached out to Duke Energy and was told they would investigate. Days later, Scheddel said Duke called and said they would reissue the check.

A spokesperson for Duke called this an unusual situation because of the length of time the account was in the deceased husband’s name. This is a reminder that when a spouse passes away, you should make sure your name is on all joint accounts, so you don’t run into issues like this one.