TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — One of the companies that’s been under fire for months now, accused of failing to transfer titles to new vehicle owners in several states, has now had its license suspended in one of those states.

Illinois on Tuesday announced it was suspending the license of online dealer Carvana. According to our sister station WTVO, the Illinois Secretary of State received dozens of complaints about the company in February from consumers. Carvana is accused of failing to deliver titles to consumers and misusing out-of-state temporary registration permits, according to the WTVO report.

Consumer Investigative Reporter Shannon Behnken, who has been tracking similar title delay issues with the company here in Florida, spoke to Illinois Secretary of State spokesman Henry Haupt on Tuesday about Carvana’s suspension in Illinois. Haupt told Better Call Behnken that state officials decided to suspend the company’s license because they were fed up with Carvana breaking the law.

Carvana is now banned from selling vehicles in the state of Illinois. That ban will be in effect until the company resolves at least 95 complaints, Haupt told Better Call Behnken.

Florida threatened to pull Carvana’s dealer license last December over title issues here. At the time, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles gave the company until the end of January to fix the title issues.

The department later told Carvana it decided not to proceed with any administrative action, “based on the significant progress Carvana has made to submit delinquent applications for title and the changes the company has made to their customer service and business practices.”

No further action has been taken against Carvana in Florida. The state tells Better Call Behnken it continues to monitor title issues.