TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Pennsylvania Consumer Attorney Robert Cocco says Carvana’s nationwide mishandling of title transfers breaks state laws and put consumers in distress. He has now filed two class action lawsuits against the car dealer.

“The class actions are intended to compensate the consumers for charges which they paid but for which they did not receive the services for which they were promised and also hopefully, if successful, these actions will enforce those promises so they do in fact get permanent registration,” Cocco said.

Cocco tells Better Call Behnken he has spoken with a Carvana buyer who waited two years for a title. Another buyer, he says, was pulled over for a speeding ticket and then temporarily held by police because of the illegal tag provided by Carvana.

As for those temporary tags, the lawsuit says, “Carvana concealed from the plaintiff that it was not authorized by either the states of Tennessee or Arizona to do so” and later alleges “Carvana’s state law compliance policies and practices are such that it routinely issues multiple temporary license tags in violation of state laws governing the issuance of temporary license tags.”

One of the things Cocco is looking into is how different states are enforcing laws that require title transfer in 30 to 45 days.

One of the class action lawsuits is filed in Arizona and the other is in Pennsylvania, where it has been moved to federal court.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking in Florida, where the state has given Carvana until the end of January to fix title issues or face losing its license to sell cars in Florida.