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Better Call Behnken: Woman gets TV after investigation into late deliveries

LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) - 8 On Your Side's Better Call Behnken investigation into online orders that might not be delivered in time for Christmas caught the attention of John Hill, the president of Pilot Freight Services.

Hill watched our story during a layover at the airport in Houston and was not happy to see that Sharon Moran of Lakeland ordered a new TV from Sam's Club on Nov. 21 and was still waiting for her package.

He was especially displeased to see that the TV had been sitting in his Tampa warehouse since Nov. 30.

"I was coming from LA to Houston ... and when I saw the article online, I felt really bad for her and we wanted to make it right," Hill said. And he did.

He called staff in Tampa and they sprang into action.

Hours later, they located Moran's television, packed it in a personal car and drove it to Moran's house in Lakeland.

Moran was shocked and delighted to finally have the TV she bought for her mother for Christmas.

"I am ecstatic and astonished that you were able to handle it so well and you got immediate action," Moran said.

But Pilot's problems don't stop there. Moran's missing TV revealed a larger issue. We found TVs all over the Tampa warehouse, phones ringing off the hook and frustrated workers trying to deliver packages before Christmas.

Hill explained the Tampa area is overwhelmed because there are more orders here than in other areas, as compared to projections from the companies Pilot ships for.

He said he is bringing in workers from Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville to help deliver packages in time for Christmas.

When asked if his company was unprepared, Hill replied: "No, I wouldn't say we were unprepared. We were definitely prepared. We get projections from these large e-commerce customers. They tell us how much they think it's going to be. But you know we have 61 stations and we're not having any other issues like this in any other market."

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