TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Bill and Sandra Wiseman got burned when they bought a new grill and were double-billed. But after turning to Better Call Behnken, the bill has been wiped away and the process to repair their credit has begun.

“I refer you to all my friends that need help that get the same runaround that we got,” Bill Wiseman said.

This all started in October when, just after moving to Florida from New York, they bought a grill from Home Depot. They paid online and used their PayPal account. Their PayPal account is backed by Discover Card, and they have receipts showing they paid off the balance and owe nothing for the grill.

However, they started receiving letters in January, and then phone calls, from Citi Bank, saying they owed them the amount for the grill.

The Wiseman’s say they do have a Home Depot credit card through Citi Bank but they rarely use it, and definitely didn’t use it for the grill – or any other item for the exact same amount.

“We’re being charged for this when we didn’t even use the card,” Bill Wiseman said last week.

Sandra Wiseman says their credit score dropped from 826 to in the 600s.

After months of trying to figure this out on their own, they knew they’d Better Call Behnken.

After questions from Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken, a Citi spokeswoman said it was clear that the Wiseman’s never used their Home Depot credit card and they won’t have to pay this bill.

Fixing the credit issue, however, could take 30 to 90 days, according to the Citi spokeswoman.

Sandra Wiseman says she’s thankful she can stop worrying about this bill they should have never received, yet she’s still bitter.

“Us old folks need somebody like you to care, somebody to just listen to us,” Wiseman said.