PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (WFLA) – Patricia Thomas Bolden can finally – legally – drive her pride and joy – a Kia Stinger that she customized and named Ruby.

“It was exciting,” she said. “I’m excited. Thank you so much Shannon. I don’t think this would have happened without you.”

Thomas turned to Better Call Behnken for help four months after she bought the car from online dealer Vroom. The dealer failed to transfer the title within the 30 days required by Florida law so she had to park Ruby.

She says her calls to Vroom were going nowhere until she turned to Better Call Behnken.

At first, she wasn’t happy with the choices.

“They gave me three options. Buy the car back, give me a comparable vehicle and – as you can see – no, I put too many upgrades in this, it’s not going to happen. Or [the third option was] keep the car and wait, at least seven to eight weeks. That didn’t happen, I got it – what was that, like two weeks after the interview.”

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles fined Vroom $47,000 after the state said the company failed to respond to its administrative complaint over continued delays.

When Better Call Behnken first contacted Vroom about Bolden’s issue, the company sent this statement:

Our goal is for every customer to enjoy their vehicle from the moment their purchase is complete. As consumers turn more and more to buying cars online, we are investing significantly in our people, processes and operations, so every step in getting a customer their vehicle is an experience they deserve. We are committed to continuing to work with customers like Ms. Bolden and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles to solve any issues that Florida residents might have at any point in that process.