LITHIA, Fla. (WFLA) — Terry Saliva noticed serious problems with his driveway last June and called Hillsborough County officials.

“They looked at everything up under it,” Saliva said. “The gentleman that was here said it was collapsing. He said there was no way they could replace the pipe, they had to replace the whole culvert, from three properties.”

It is a culvert along Old Welcome Road in Lithia is causing havoc. Two holes opened in one man’s driveway last year, and the county put down a metal plate. Weeks ago, Saliva says he tripped over uneven parts of his driveway.

He says the county put down another plate and told him a permanent fix could be eight more months away.

“At this point in time it’s unacceptable,” he said.

The county sent this statement:

This failing pipe was most likely installed by a private property owner many years ago. The drainage inlet in question was installed in private driveway, which appears to have failed over time and been repaired when needed. 

Since the County was made aware of the failure, we have been working to determine what can be done to address. The County is currently working with the property owners to pursue drainage easement over this pipe so that it can be replaced.

A county spokesman said the new pipe will be maintained by county.

Better Call Behnken will stay on this story until the work is completed.