NANTUCKET, Mass. (WFLA) — Concerns about a flight that was said to be similar to flights that brought Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard were overblown.

An alert from Nantucket Police Lt. Angus MacVicar stated the flight scheduled to arrive on the island Tuesday had “many similarities to the flight that occurred on Martha’s Vineyard.”

“In the event there is an arrival of a plane carrying migrants, the Nantucket Police Department and many other town departments have a detailed plan to manage such a situation,” the news release stated.

But late Monday morning MacVicar said the plane charter company confirms “the flight will be carrying executives from an investment company. “

“We believe this information to be credible,” MacVicar said. “Nothing further.”

According to MacVicar, the Nantucket Memorial Airport Operations expressed concerns to police last week about the flight “for a group out of Chicago.”

On Sept. 14, two planes, chartered by the Florida Department of Transportation for $615,000, picked up 48 migrants in San Antonio, took them to Florida, and then transported the group to Martha’s Vineyard.

The $12 million budget item that funds “the transport of unauthorized aliens” states they must come “from” Florida, more than likely prompting the decision to land in Crestview, Florida, before flying north.

Neither DeSantis nor his communications staff have answered questions from 8 On Your Side about why the plane landed in Florida.