HAINES CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – A Tampa Bay area mother says squirrels have moved into the condominium she’s renting near Kokomo and Marion Roads in Haines City.

After being tormented for 25 days, Annie Peavey called 8 On Your Side Investigates for help. While she admits it sounds silly, Peavey says the squirrels have destroyed her furniture and peace of mind.

She says no one is taking responsibility to remove these pests.

“They like us now and know our habits,” said Peavey. “They don’t want to leave.”

Peavey, who has a 9-year-old son, says she has seen at least two squirrels. As time has gone by, she says the squirrels have become more aggressive.

“He normally likes to stay on the back of my couch and the other one likes the chair,” said Peavey.

Cell phone pictures and videos show the squirrels hanging out in the living room on Dec. 20.

8 On Your Side stopped by the home to see the problem firsthand. We found the place was ransacked by rodents.

“You can see what he’s done to the bottom of the chair,” said Peavey. “Down here you can see the stuffing, the feces.”

The mother says she is worried about her son.

“Now that they’re being more aggressive, what if they bite him?” she said.

Peavey says, after days of complaints, the property manager Leif Olander and the HOA finally put up traps. However, the squirrels are not falling for it or stepping into it.

“They put traps up five days ago and the squirrels are still there,” investigative reporter Mahsa Saeidi told Mr. Olander on a phone call.

According to Mr. Olander, the squirrels got in through a hole on the outside of the property. The property manager claims the HOA closed the hole, trapping the squirrels – so now, the HOA is responsible.

Meanwhile, the HOA tells 8 On Your Side they’re not responsible for problems inside the unit. Legally, they are only responsible for fixing issues in common areas.

“How would you like to live with squirrels for 25 days?” Saeidi asked Mr. Olander.

In a phone call, Mr. Olander promised to hire a professional to come and safely remove the rodents.

8 On Your Side will continue to follow this story until the pests are out of the home.