NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s been two months since Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, destroying communities and tearing apart homes. In North Port, there are signs of recovery from blue tarps to piles of debris serving as a constant reminder of the devastating storm.

Last month, 8 On Your Side shared the story of Pam Johnson, the North Port woman who was approved and then denied $700 in FEMA aid. When she contacted 8 On Your Side, we learned the federal agency had mistakenly sent out hundreds of approval letters, including the one sent to Johnson.

The North Port resident had hoped to use the funds on insulin for her husband as well as other essentials after the storm, but because of FEMA’s error, the money never arrived.

After the story aired, Johnson received help, but not from FEMA. An anonymous donor and News Channel 8 viewer sent her a card with a check inside to help with her expenses after the storm. Johnson said she was overwhelmed when she received the letter in her mailbox.

She read the letter to us Monday. It said “please accept a little boost during the hard times. Please allow us to pay it forward for all the help that we received when we were in hard times. God bless.”

“I was totally shocked that somebody would go out of their way and send us money to help us,” said Johnson. “We immediately ordered his insulin, which was going up and down during the storm and afterwards and we spent some on extra supplies that we needed and it was a great help. It really was because we had been so disappointed with FEMA not coming through for us,” she continued.

Johnson says she and her husband plan on paying the act of kindness forward once they’re back on their feet. In the meantime, they say they cannot say thank you enough.

“Thank you for your kindness, Thank you for your generosity. You have helped us in a tremendous way, probably by more than you will know and me and my husband both plan to pay this forward to when we get on our feet again. You have encouraged me. Thank you, thank you very much,” she said.

The generous donors told 8 On Your Side they also live in North Port and were blessed to have sustained only minimal damage during Hurricane Ian.

“There is somebody watching out for us and he puts a tug in other people’s hearts sometimes and that is what helps us all out,” said Johnson.